4 Jun 2015

Compared premises tube, transistor technology is much more efficient as a switch and can be scaled down to a microscopic scale. In 2001, Intel researchers have introduced silicon smallest and fastest in the world, with a size of 20 nanometers or comparable to a billionth of a meter, which will be used on a processor with a speed of 20 GHz (Giga Hertz). This era also marks the beginning of the emergence of minicomputers which is the second largest in the family computer. Cheaper than the first generation. “>The types of other computers that appear on this generation diantaranta UNIVAC III, UNIVAC SS80, SS90, and in 1107, IBM 7070, 7080, 1400, and 1600.
c. At this third-generation technology Integrated Circuit (IC) is the central feature since begun to be used on a computer device to the current generation. IC combined three electronic components onto a small silicon disc made of quartz sand. Scientists later managed to fit more components into a single chip, called a semiconductor. The results are computers become smaller as more components were squeezed onto the chip. IC was first created by Texas istruments and Fairchild Semiconductor in 1959 which contains only six transistors. Can we compare the current processor that we use have had millions, tens, hundreds of millions of transistors, even has designed processors with billions of transistors.




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